- Current Exhibition -

05.05 - 15.05.2020

10 days; 30 artists; 120 art pieces; 12 countries; 3 Galleries; Special Covid Price.


Haimney galerie


In these time of change and awareness we are facing profound challenges from a global both social and economic perspective, we hold this auction to support each other's work and to create a cultural network that might help confront what we are facing with as a community.



22.02 - 09.05.2020 ( extended )

Artist : 

Tom Ackermann, Anna Bittersohl, Sabine Graf, Olga Grigorjewa, Sebastian Hosu, Anna M. Kempe, Phillipp Kummer, Henrike Pilz, Barbara Proschak, Sabine Rak, Yuko Takatsudo, Christiane Wachter

Galerie Eigenheim Weimar/Berlin  ( Berlin / Germany )

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