My work is based on images inspired by motifs found in digital content.

Cute and shiny things, cheap and funny images and videos, unidentifiable characters.

They sometimes heal us momentarily, but they also leave us with a sense of emptiness and willlessness. I feel a strange attachment to them and find them interesting.


Through my 10-year stay in Munich and Berlin, I felt the security and danger of the Internet, the freedom and inconvenience of language, and the fascination of real communication born from cultural differences. In that life, I painted on canvas and touched clay. There was the primitive action of "painting on canvas, touching clay," and the chaotic space of the Internet.

Especially after moving from Munich to Berlin, I also started to make ceramics, and I think the change in me was significant.


I experienced a lockdown in Germany with the Corona disaster and returned to Japan as if to escape.

I felt an invisible threat in the real world and a clinging feeling to the fact that I could communicate with someone on the Internet.

Through my life in Germany, I began to focus on the themes of fun and irony that arise from the gap between the Internet and the real world, but I became more conscious of my work after the Corona Disaster of the past few years. As my online life has further developed, I have created paintings that are a mixture of my fantasy and realism.


Our lives today are heavily influenced by television and the Internet, and we are constantly exposed to audiovisual chaos.

As a formless consumption, I am influenced by the images and videos on the Internet that are produced by someone else every second, and I express them in my own sense of the world.


I am not of the digital native generation, but I am of the generation that has been rapidly permeated by the Internet into our lives since the beginning of the generational education system.

The Internet offers an incredible amount of information, but it is like an endless science fiction space, swirling with people who have lost their physicality and become pixelated in their emotions.